My Dying Bride (inspiration from my favorite bands)

My Dying Bride (inspiration from my favorite bands)

It Lies Beneath, buried inside and waiting to Unearth
She’s Spawn from this Cradle of Filth and has been Enslaved since birth
she is a Lamb of God with a luminous beauty like Norma Jean
but when Shadows Fall, she’s Sick of it All and her Poison will not go unseen

A Life Once Lost, her Hollow spirit is lost in Mayhem
Disturbed and obsessed, she awaits her chance to kill HIM
a Slayer at heart, Underoath she swears revenge on her Sworn Enemy
God Forbid that her Arch Enemy lives, because dead he may as well be

She has Poisoned the Well and dropped him in the lake of the Children of Bodom
hung by a Slipknot, Torched and In Flames, his Dark Funeral will be chosen
My Dying Bride is evil inside and stirs in her own Kingdom of Sorrow
after Blood Has Been Shed, she regains Fuel and awaits The Scars of Tomorrow

from Autumn to Ashes, time slowly passes, but her Cold heart still stirs
after 10 years then August Burns Red the moment IT occurs
that moment in August that she chose her victim and It Dies Today
the Torch in her eye, Everytime I Die I realize that I am her prey

As I Lay Dying in Pain with my open soul Bleeding Through
I catch a Sublime glimpse of her smile and understand that she chose me too
she is already dead, she is my dark ArkAngel sent to me from above
my gothic beauty, My Dying Bride and I shall Rise Against and be eternally in love

Carina Fosse


Wisdom of the Birds

a murder of crows

suddenly blacken the desert sky

echoing squaks,

omniscient warnings

what do they imply?


something is coming

but, I watch the birds fly by


A congress of ravens

now flock above me

watchful black eyes,

the ravens are wise

What is it they see?


I think I know what’s coming

but, I watch the birds fly by


A wake of vultures

approach and circle overhead

the message is clear

this time, not a sign

the birds want me dead


I see that they are coming,

but I never watch them fly by



Carina Fosse


Forever Altered (A Rondeau)

I am forever altered, I will never be the same
dirtied with disgust, forever plagued by shame
for 13 years, I have been polluted with this pain
13 years with this rage, trying to keep sane
13 years of scornful self blame

Knowing I’m just a victim of their blasphemous game
I still blame myself for what I became
their sins have penetrated and their sins remain
I am forever altered

unsettled disgust, the overpowering burden making me lame
a fueling anger that I still cannot tame
desperate to wash off the filth that has permeated like a stain
permanently damaged, degraded my soul, body and brain
I will never be rid of this revolting shame
I am forever altered

Carina Fosse
October 19th, 2009

Epistemology, Simply

what you believe, what you know to be true
knowledge is beliefs and truths, justified
it can not be knowledge if it can be denied
true knowledge can never be taught to you
Carina Fosse

September 12th, 2007



Give and take
subjected lives
The crave for war
never dies

Humans as trade
a nations investment
Misguided warfare
only fueling resentment

Excused target
Islamic Terroism
Blind devotion
a soldiers heroism

Political interference
a foreign civil war
the recurring question,
What are we fighting for?

Imposing values of corrupt politicians
only further enraging a timeless confliction

-Carina Fosse
-September 12th, 2007

Is There a Pill? (An Emo Limerick)

Is there a pill to make it go away?

 Is there a chance the pain is here to stay?

 the pain is oh so real

it’s all that I can feel

Why do I want to live another day?


why do you exist?
why can’t people resist
the bitter sweet taste of your poison.
Your a morbid curse that nobody would have chosen.

your like a vampires bite,
spreading evil through their veins
rushing inside, but still as night.
You torment minds, making them deranged,
but without you, they become estranged.

Your power, your fury.
Their weakness, their purity.

Dirty spike, disgusting truth,
troubled souls, innocent youth.

I’m enraged by your sins.
Your an intricate game
that nobody can win.

Zombifying those I know
and luring them to your potent flow.

why do people crave your rabid injection?
why do people glorify your lethal infection?

Why did you take him from me?
why do you create such misery?

like Satan you claimed his soul!
You possesed him, you took control!

you took it all, until there was nothing left!
You even took his last gasping breath!


You are death!

—————->> Carina Fosse

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