He Was a Poet

He was a poet
a renaissance man to some degree
artist of spoken word,
philosopher, published novelist and emcee.
A divine inspiration
He meant the world to me

He was a character
brilliant and unique
cluttered mind, rambled thoughts
he would mumble when he would speak,
ignored and misunderstood
some saw him as a freak

He was delusional,
but he saw the world so clearly
poetic randomness,
he had a mind boggling philosophy
lost and inebriated,
he escaped from a so called reality

he was calm and tranquil
but also edgy and stressed
he was joyful,
but looking back, he may have been depressed
he’d pop an upper, down a downer
anything to fix his deep unrest

I must believe that he chose his death
he is missed,
much more than I ever could have guessed
he was my first love
and to have loved him I am blessed

Carina Fosse




  1. Beautiful!!! Passionate words and you can feel the love you have through them!!! Great writing…

  2. beautiful capture of the poet,

    peace and love, sad that he is gone.

  3. so well done and yes I think you were blessed to have loved him

  4. so sad…i am sorry for the loss of such a man…and poet…

  5. How is your day?

    Time flies, appreciated your handsome inputs to our poetry picnic.

    Share a random poem today.
    Bless you.
    Happy December,
    Enjoy A Wonderful Wednesday Ahead.


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