why do you exist?
why can’t people resist
the bitter sweet taste of your poison.
Your a morbid curse that nobody would have chosen.

your like a vampires bite,
spreading evil through their veins
rushing inside, but still as night.
You torment minds, making them deranged,
but without you, they become estranged.

Your power, your fury.
Their weakness, their purity.

Dirty spike, disgusting truth,
troubled souls, innocent youth.

I’m enraged by your sins.
Your an intricate game
that nobody can win.

Zombifying those I know
and luring them to your potent flow.

why do people crave your rabid injection?
why do people glorify your lethal infection?

Why did you take him from me?
why do you create such misery?

like Satan you claimed his soul!
You possesed him, you took control!

you took it all, until there was nothing left!
You even took his last gasping breath!


You are death!

—————->> Carina Fosse



  1. this is amazing.
    you are very good with your words..

  2. very beautiful imaginations…
    well done!

  3. powerful ending,,
    you really impress me…

    thanks for the contribution,
    Happy Thursday!
    let me know after you are done visiting.

  4. Hard hitting.
    I lost my cousin to heroin. I hate the stuff.
    Thanks for sharing this. I FEEL it.
    Peace to you,

    (One of my entries)

    • sorry about your cousin… yeah I’ve been there too… lost my ex and a bunch of friends… it’s truly an evil drug

  5. smack ! this was powerfully hateful .. i like you never lost flow in the poem .. And dearly hope its not true to you !

    • I have never done heroin, but I lost an ex and a close friend in the same year because to it. So, I wrote this poem in shock, anger and disgust… I loathe the drug and fear it’s evil.

  6. That’s deep. And hits hard. Great piece.

  7. Painful images. Heroin as vampire, zombie, satan. Great metaphors.
    Mine is here:

  8. intense! I felt my heart jump then drop with the last “Smack!”…loss, sadness, anger

    Wow! Wonderful write!


    • thanks… I loved using the word “Smack” describes both the drug and the shock. Onomonopia (hope I spelled that right) is fun.

  9. Heroin.. This is wonderful.. Intense.. Loved it..

    Fragrance of Friendship

    Happy Rally

    –Someone Is Special–

  10. i have never attempted anything like this before especially about death and you did it well..

  11. Excellent description of the ominous power of heroin and how it takes over every part of your life until–“smack” you’re dead! Loved it..

  12. Heroin, you got me high all the time! “smack”

  13. That was amazingly written!!! sorry for your loss…it’s sad that people start it in the first place despite knowing its adverse effects…

  14. Reading this while listening to The Drugs Don’t Work by The Verve: my heart aches. T.T
    I’m with you, Carina. I hate heroin and other dangerous drugs. 😦

    • thanks.. it’s been a while since I heard that song… spotify!!

  15. awww.
    what a sad ending to the story.
    Heroin sucks.


  16. Incredible, incredible flow!

    Happy Rally.


  17. You certainly have some vitriol for your subject matter. Liked the pacing of the poem, kept flowing very well. Word choice seemed very appropriate for what I assume to be a subject you have some understanding of. One qualm – you didn’t answer any of the questions you posed with a hint of why so many fall into the jaws of the beast. There are a host of reasons and many of them are very difficult to deal with in such a dualistic manner (i.e. good/BAD or helpful/HURTFUL.) Please don’t misunderstand, I did enjoy the poem, just think there was a degree of nuance that needs to be dealt with along with the emphasis (which I would agree is correct) on the negative. It is a huge problem certainly, and I could feel much of the raw emotion of the poem coming out while reading. Thanks for posting, good read.


  18. I liked the read but at the bottom I noticed Carina Foss is this her work or yours? just wondering but intricate non-the-less. I hope you are in a better situation these days I have been concerned. I have added you to my “Awesome Writers Worth Reading ” list. Best Wishes.

  19. drug addiction is really like a vampire. sucking the blood of its victims.

    visiting you from jingle’s TRP (Thursday Rally 4 Poets).

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