Forever Altered (A Rondeau)

I am forever altered, I will never be the same
dirtied with disgust, forever plagued by shame
for 13 years, I have been polluted with this pain
13 years with this rage, trying to keep sane
13 years of scornful self blame

Knowing I’m just a victim of their blasphemous game
I still blame myself for what I became
their sins have penetrated and their sins remain
I am forever altered

unsettled disgust, the overpowering burden making me lame
a fueling anger that I still cannot tame
desperate to wash off the filth that has permeated like a stain
permanently damaged, degraded my soul, body and brain
I will never be rid of this revolting shame
I am forever altered

Carina Fosse
October 19th, 2009



  1. heartfelt,
    polluted with this pain,
    how sad…

    hope that you change for better….
    dynamic and beautiful poetry.
    Thanks for sharing!

    3 entries, wow….let me know after you hit 40 comments.

    • I haven’t been counting the comments… but I have read every posted that was posted about an hour ago and commented on my favs… I will continue to do so and will hit at least 40 I’m sure..

  2. That’s an amazing poem. Your poetry pulls me in… I can relate, and feel the pain. Great emotion. You’re a brilliant poet.

  3. That was great. The poem could be about so many things. Great job.

    • thanks, funny that your comment made me decide to edit it a bit and play with the language to make the theme clearer. I tried to use more words that describe what it is about… Read it again, I would appreciate it.

      • It really makes me sad. You don’t have to change a thing. It is very powerful. I’m sure there are so many that feel this way.

  4. Really collaborative it reminds me of something I wrote a while back 🙂

  5. sounds like a very sophisticated kind of rap 🙂
    good work, like ur style

  6. Emotion expressed in words very well!

  7. I hear ya!! Your words are very powerful…they force one to think! very much enjoyed your contributions for the rally!!! Thanks a lot for sharing them.

  8. excellent work here! you are indeed very good with words 🙂

  9. […] Polluted Poet (2): […]

    I invite you to attend Thursday Poets Rally week 31
    let me know when you are ready.
    Thanks a lot.

    two awards for this week’s participation.

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