My Dying Bride (inspiration from my favorite bands)

My Dying Bride (inspiration from my favorite bands)

It Lies Beneath, buried inside and waiting to Unearth
She’s Spawn from this Cradle of Filth and has been Enslaved since birth
she is a Lamb of God with a luminous beauty like Norma Jean
but when Shadows Fall, she’s Sick of it All and her Poison will not go unseen

A Life Once Lost, her Hollow spirit is lost in Mayhem
Disturbed and obsessed, she awaits her chance to kill HIM
a Slayer at heart, Underoath she swears revenge on her Sworn Enemy
God Forbid that her Arch Enemy lives, because dead he may as well be

She has Poisoned the Well and dropped him in the lake of the Children of Bodom
hung by a Slipknot, Torched and In Flames, his Dark Funeral will be chosen
My Dying Bride is evil inside and stirs in her own Kingdom of Sorrow
after Blood Has Been Shed, she regains Fuel and awaits The Scars of Tomorrow

from Autumn to Ashes, time slowly passes, but her Cold heart still stirs
after 10 years then August Burns Red the moment IT occurs
that moment in August that she chose her victim and It Dies Today
the Torch in her eye, Everytime I Die I realize that I am her prey

As I Lay Dying in Pain with my open soul Bleeding Through
I catch a Sublime glimpse of her smile and understand that she chose me too
she is already dead, she is my dark ArkAngel sent to me from above
my gothic beauty, My Dying Bride and I shall Rise Against and be eternally in love

Carina Fosse


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  1. Very creative! I even know and appreciate a few of the bands you mentioned. It stands on its own as a prose poem even without the capitalizations.

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