Epigram for a Bitch

Sarcastic and dark, she has a pessimistic humor
her irony is cold and she is as serious as a tumor

her weaknesses are hidden behind her dark sarcastic wit
she defends herself through insults, she’s a harsh and cruel critic

she’s proud to be a bitch, she calls it her juvenalian satire
but what she doesn’t realize is that we only see her as a liar

© By PollutedPoet On 2/6/2010 6:46:26 PM



  1. Hopefully this is not a friend or lover. You have described her in harsh terms and exposed her to the world. Well-written.

  2. fabulous write.

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  5. Curiously it seems that this woman puts up a huge front as a bitch to hide what she really is…If I have interpreted this correctly it is genius that just caused me to do a double take!
    very cool little poem to say the least.

  6. you have met one too? 😦

    shubho bijoyadashami (Happy vijayadashami)! May the Goddess fill your life up with beauty and happiness

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