This is What Love Can Do

The stench of burning flesh
your charring corpse is making me nauseous
but, I’ll have to live with it, I guess
you got me into this mess
and caused your own death

I didn’t exactly kill ya,
but that makes no sense
so now I’m stuck destroying the evidence
turning your scorched limbs into mince
to avoid all the brutal consequence

I know I watched you die
without out blinking an eye
I could have helped you, if I tried
but for some reason I enjoyed…
watching you fry

somewhere in my psychotic mind
there is a reason why
I’m so fuckin’ happy that you died!
I no longer have to hide
but your evil has now warped my own mind!

Damn… Do you know what I just realized?
I’m as evil as you!
A murderer disguised
hiding behind these lies
I also deserve to die

I’ll kill myself too
just another body to remove
this is what love can do
I guess I am meant to be stuck with you
© By PollutedPoet On 9/18/2010 1:22:14 PM



  1. super stunning piece.
    love your style!

  2. Your style is so powerful and seems to sweep past anything “below it.” The last four lines really jumped out at me.

  3. Welcome To link in a poem to our potluck today, thanks a ton!

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