The Silence Caught My Eye

Everything got quiet
I looked at the sky
The city was silent
The clouds rolled steadily by
Somehow the silence caught my eye

I saw silence through my window
for the very first time
Lying on my couch
I saw only skies
I only heard beauty through my window, 5 floors high

A colorful spectrum of dawning sunlight
Overpowering the neon of night
not a passerbyer passing by
not a taxi cab in sight
Somehow this silence doesn’t feel so right

Eerie as if I was in a storm’s eye
Danger must be near by
I can’t sleep if it’s bizarrely quiet outside
So I’ll just continue to stare
at this new and peculiar sky

and I will hope and wait…  for the city to come alive

© By PollutedPoet On 10/29/2010 1:58:05 PM



  1. I just watched the Skyline trailer… this is the poetic version.

    I must come back after slumber and read in a clearer state of mind. I’m way past my bedtime. Muchly enjoyed nevertheless.

  2. […] This post was mentioned on Twitter by Pithom, carina fosse. carina fosse said: The Silence Caught My Eye: […]

  3. enjoy your break,
    lovely imagery in your words.


    week 31 perfect poet award reminder,
    let me know if you accept,
    thanks a ton.
    welcome to rally week 32.

    • thanks for the award, I didn’t even realize I entered wk 31…. I will try to enter this weeks rally, but I usually work 15-18hrs on thursdays. It’s a challenge to find the time… thanks a lot

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