About the poet


I write poetry.
Actually it’s a slight obsession, mainly because I like to document my experiences and emotions. It’s a good way to deal with all the sh*t the world throws at me. It was originally for myself, but now I’ve decided to “come out of the closet” and share and hopefully publish some of my poems. I hope you enjoy them.

My other hobbies  are  food and wine. It’s my passion and career. I live for the chance to try new wines, foods and exotic cuisines.

Music matters. My taste in music is as diverse as my personality. I love everything from the blues to black metal. Basically, a good song is one that has heart and emotion. As far as concerts….. METAL… there is nothing better than going crazy watching a good band in a good venue with a good crowd.

I grew up in New York and have now downsized to Oslo, Norway. I’ve been here for about 2 years.

I work in the Hotel/Restaurant Biz as I have been for over 10 years and am happy with my current job as a banquet manager.

That should do… but ask me whatever you’d like.


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