Nothing Left

There is nothing left.
a smoky loft,
a blackened mess.
No air left for breath.
Toxic death.
Nothing left.

There’s nothing left
just chunks of ash, charred isolation;
The whole apartment is wasted.
Hopeless frustration.
Total Devastation.
Nothing left.

There is nothing left
my cat and I are now homeless.
We should have burnt with the rest.
we’re just lucky…
I guess?
but there is nothing left.

There is nothing left
and no insurance to replace it.
Reality sucks,
I’m totally fucked!
Let me calm down and face this…
Wow, there’s really nothing left.

There is nothing left.
It’s all destroyed and I’m deeper in debt.
If there is a god…
he’s putting me to a test.
How can I handle any more stress?
I can’t believe there’s nothing left!

There is nothing left
and no reason to go back
I need to pack
salvage my past
and somehow deal with the fact,
that there is nothing left.

There is nothing left.
So, I have no choice but to move on
and start from scratch.

Carina Fosse

© By PollutedPoet On 9/27/2010 7:50:09 PM



Take a vital breath
Life isn’t that bad yet.
You will stress yourself to death.
I can see that you are stressed.
Why live with such regret?
Get out of this mess?

© By PollutedPoet On 3/5/2010 4:38:26 PM

Aggressively Hesitating

I’m openly entombed in the bright dark
aggressively hesitating to escape
publicly closeted in this self crafted space
a light steadily flickering in this unknown place

I’m freely confined to express denial
my dark thoughts are illuminating,
Inspiration in nothingness
contradicting, I love it this way

I’m trapped in my escape
I hatefully love my dark place

© By PollutedPoet On 2/16/2010 6:20:14 PM


My world is blurry and surreal
but I’m way to lost to care
Dazed in this hazy fog
bloodshot vision is unclear

Choking through this smog
I try to remain cautious
Searching for fresh air
I’m sickened and I’m nauseous

Why should I even care?
to breathe fresh air once more
since I engulfed myself in this haze
I forgot what the world was like before

Before I was stuck in this smoggy daze
I never appreciated fresh air
I never really acknowledged it
It was always just there

The air, I polluted it
because I didn’t care at all
This pollution can’t be reversed
It will choke me until I fall

Now my cloud is ready to burst
stress built up, I’m saturated.
Toxins struggle to leak out
but are stuck in this fog that I created

The pollutants. I try to let out
but they condense around me
I can never find any air
because this smog has found me.

This polluted haze around my brain
the cloud thickens and drives me insane
when will it rain?
When will I change?

Carina Fosse


© By PollutedPoet

Across this Vast Ocean

Across This Vast Ocean Pt. 1

Across this vast ocean, my spirit is being snatched.
I’ve floated away, so alone and detached.

I’ve crossed this ocean in an effort to move foward.
Yeah, I’m on a path, but what’s that path headed toward?

Uncertainty has led me here and uncertainty draws me back.
My will keeps me here and it’s to late to retract.

There is an ocean between us cluttered with wreckage.
I tell you we can cross it but you never get the message.

This ocean is tremendous and I’m on the other side.
Crossing it may seem impossible, if you’ve never tried.

Carina Fosse

© By PollutedPoet


I can see through you
see through your lies
you put on so much armor
but it”s no disguise
your secrets are buried under your flesh
to dig them up is your last wish
you never ask for pity
yet you shame yourself
ashamed of yourself
you never ask for help
the pain inside lingers like purgatory
unsettled and unresolved
an untold story

© By PollutedPoet On 10/20/2009 10:37:41 PM

I AM NOT DEAD (minute poem)

LET GO OF THE PAST, Plan ahead!


I am not stuck

I won”t give up


I need to move on, make things right

This is my fight…

life, defend it

I can”t end it


Stop telling myself that I am done

Change and become

Life is worth it!

I deserve it!


Carina Fosse


© By PollutedPoet On 11/18/2009 1:38:36 AM

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