Internet Infiltration

Internet technology is to agressive
mind polluting, controlling
dominating and paroling

It can make you crazy and disturbed
leave you in agitated confusion
like a hallucinogen

It is a dangerous linking of information
empowering thieves, burning feeds
cookies and seeds


Fuck DADT!

Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell, Don’t Be, Don’t Exist, Lie!
Don’t share who are, just resist, Deny!
You can’t openly serve for our country, Why?

Don’t be open, go back in the closet!
Your not hetero enough to fight, where is the logic?
It makes no sense and it’s about time we stop it.

Your too gay to protect our nation,
This is brainless discrimination.
How exactly is sexuality relevant to a military situation?

You can’t be a soldier, because you’re too queer.
You can’t fight for our honor, choose a new career.
I can’t understand it, What exactly do they fear?

That you might spread gay cooties on the other army boys?
That you’ll be applying eyeliner when you batallion deploys?
That you’ll misuse your guns as anal sex toys?

This is absolutly ridiculous!
Let’s get rid of this.
This ignorant law is painfully ludicrous.

How many skilled technicians need to be discharged?
It’s a violation of civil rights, that we have fought for so hard.
Freedom is so important, please don’t disregard.

Our Army needs able troops, can’t they comprehend?
Because of ignorant fears, brave Americans can’t serve and defend.
Because of homophobia, our military is now weakened.

This law must be put to an end!

Carina Fosse

May 12th, 2009

September 12th, 2007



Give and take
subjected lives
The crave for war
never dies

Humans as trade
a nations investment
Misguided warfare
only fueling resentment

Excused target
Islamic Terroism
Blind devotion
a soldiers heroism

Political interference
a foreign civil war
the recurring question,
What are we fighting for?

Imposing values of corrupt politicians
only further enraging a timeless confliction

-Carina Fosse
-September 12th, 2007

The Day That I Knew That War Was Real

The day that I knew that war was real
was a day I will never forget
aired lived on international television
2,993 deaths
murdered by our own weapons
commercial airliner jets

The day that I knew that war was real
was the day that it hit home
The day that I knew that war was real
was the day we were the target

Carina Fosse

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