Bind me with your presence
You can’t haunt me anymore

Torture me until it’s real
you don’t scare me anymore

Kill me if you dare
there is a reason your still here
haunting me with guilty fear
I can’t take it anymore

Finish what you did to me
Bind, Torture and Kill me
I want to be damned with you;
for all eternity…

© By PollutedPoet On 12/16/2009 7:28:59 AM


September 12th, 2007



Give and take
subjected lives
The crave for war
never dies

Humans as trade
a nations investment
Misguided warfare
only fueling resentment

Excused target
Islamic Terroism
Blind devotion
a soldiers heroism

Political interference
a foreign civil war
the recurring question,
What are we fighting for?

Imposing values of corrupt politicians
only further enraging a timeless confliction

-Carina Fosse
-September 12th, 2007


why do you exist?
why can’t people resist
the bitter sweet taste of your poison.
Your a morbid curse that nobody would have chosen.

your like a vampires bite,
spreading evil through their veins
rushing inside, but still as night.
You torment minds, making them deranged,
but without you, they become estranged.

Your power, your fury.
Their weakness, their purity.

Dirty spike, disgusting truth,
troubled souls, innocent youth.

I’m enraged by your sins.
Your an intricate game
that nobody can win.

Zombifying those I know
and luring them to your potent flow.

why do people crave your rabid injection?
why do people glorify your lethal infection?

Why did you take him from me?
why do you create such misery?

like Satan you claimed his soul!
You possesed him, you took control!

you took it all, until there was nothing left!
You even took his last gasping breath!


You are death!

—————->> Carina Fosse


fragile and frail
but eager to stray
better to have a good time
and be in harms way

misjudgement of character
or attraction to swine
was it decision
or weakness to decline

hazed perception
polluted mind
bound and confined

unutterable actions
guilt unjustified
unbearable disgust
socially denied

plagued by scathe
pained to remind
irremovable dirt
fear redefined

burden of filth
permeable grime
penetrated by
an altering crime

Carina Fosse

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