Epigram for a Bitch

Sarcastic and dark, she has a pessimistic humor
her irony is cold and she is as serious as a tumor

her weaknesses are hidden behind her dark sarcastic wit
she defends herself through insults, she’s a harsh and cruel critic

she’s proud to be a bitch, she calls it her juvenalian satire
but what she doesn’t realize is that we only see her as a liar

© By PollutedPoet On 2/6/2010 6:46:26 PM


Fictional Guidance

ancient scriptures, opinionated text

historic guidebooks handwritten by man

these writings should sometimes be second guessed

they were written before time had began

the ten commandments are moral guidelines

they should not be abided by word for word

the Decalogue reflected ancient times

to obey it all would just be absurd

don’t believe all the impossible tales

don’t blindly follow in the name of faith

read The Bible and Quran, the details

faith is glorious, but not without debate

don’t just conform to your preachers notions

find faith on your own,  decide your devotion

© By PollutedPoet

My Medium (A Kyrielle)

my thoughts always clutter my mind
guilty fears that I keep confined
there is no way to displace them
poetry lets me embrace them

I brood and dwell on each dark thought
collect them til I’m overwrought
write them down and then erase them
poetry lets me embrace them

my sentiments and memories
thoughts that plagued me like disease
I have found the strength to face them
poetry lets me embrace them

my writing’s best when it’s painful
bless my thoughts, though they are shameful
morbid thoughts, I love to chase them
poetry lets me embrace them

© By PollutedPoet

I AM NOT DEAD (minute poem)

LET GO OF THE PAST, Plan ahead!


I am not stuck

I won”t give up


I need to move on, make things right

This is my fight…

life, defend it

I can”t end it


Stop telling myself that I am done

Change and become

Life is worth it!

I deserve it!


Carina Fosse


© By PollutedPoet On 11/18/2009 1:38:36 AM

Forever Altered (A Rondeau)

I am forever altered, I will never be the same
dirtied with disgust, forever plagued by shame
for 13 years, I have been polluted with this pain
13 years with this rage, trying to keep sane
13 years of scornful self blame

Knowing I’m just a victim of their blasphemous game
I still blame myself for what I became
their sins have penetrated and their sins remain
I am forever altered

unsettled disgust, the overpowering burden making me lame
a fueling anger that I still cannot tame
desperate to wash off the filth that has permeated like a stain
permanently damaged, degraded my soul, body and brain
I will never be rid of this revolting shame
I am forever altered

Carina Fosse
October 19th, 2009

Is There a Pill? (An Emo Limerick)

Is there a pill to make it go away?

 Is there a chance the pain is here to stay?

 the pain is oh so real

it’s all that I can feel

Why do I want to live another day?

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