Street Justice

Like a gangster, I need to make a move
Desperate to do something quick to improve
my quality of life, my well being
my source of survival, my lifes meaning
I need to get back on my feet again
I need to fiend for what I believe in
by doing things I should not be doing
for and against my values, confusing?
my crime is not malevolent or malign
poetic justice, it’s called sometimes
where virtue is rewarded vice punished
persistence, til my life’s work is finished



fragile and frail
but eager to stray
better to have a good time
and be in harms way

misjudgement of character
or attraction to swine
was it decision
or weakness to decline

hazed perception
polluted mind
bound and confined

unutterable actions
guilt unjustified
unbearable disgust
socially denied

plagued by scathe
pained to remind
irremovable dirt
fear redefined

burden of filth
permeable grime
penetrated by
an altering crime

Carina Fosse

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