He Was a Poet

He was a poet
a renaissance man to some degree
artist of spoken word,
philosopher, published novelist and emcee.
A divine inspiration
He meant the world to me

He was a character
brilliant and unique
cluttered mind, rambled thoughts
he would mumble when he would speak,
ignored and misunderstood
some saw him as a freak

He was delusional,
but he saw the world so clearly
poetic randomness,
he had a mind boggling philosophy
lost and inebriated,
he escaped from a so called reality

he was calm and tranquil
but also edgy and stressed
he was joyful,
but looking back, he may have been depressed
he’d pop an upper, down a downer
anything to fix his deep unrest

I must believe that he chose his death
he is missed,
much more than I ever could have guessed
he was my first love
and to have loved him I am blessed

Carina Fosse


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