He carried me close like a submachine gun
protected me, respected me
and glorified me like the sun
I was the one
The one who could save him
from what he had become.
He was somebody worth saving,
ignorant and young.
He just didn’t understand how to love someone.
He held me close,
afraid I would run.

© By PollutedPoet



you only exist in perception
an illusory feat
you lead me with deception
and I fall weak

I feel that you’re close to me
but you’re never within my grasp
I can still smell the Issey Miyake
The goosebumbs they give me; when you walk past

you’re here with me now
and your presence always will be¨
but you let me down
and now your illusion tortures me

You still keep me warm at night
and enlighten my days
you give me strength to fight
you’re my mentor in many ways

I will always wonder what could have been
and what will be
and If I’ll ever find love again
if you don’t keep ruining it for me

I’m sick of wishing that you weren’t gone.
This false hope leads me on
Why can’t you? Let me move on.
with you watching me like this,
the thought of somebody new just feels so wrong

I want you here…
but, I want you gone.

© By PollutedPoet

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