Fictional Guidance

ancient scriptures, opinionated text

historic guidebooks handwritten by man

these writings should sometimes be second guessed

they were written before time had began

the ten commandments are moral guidelines

they should not be abided by word for word

the Decalogue reflected ancient times

to obey it all would just be absurd

don’t believe all the impossible tales

don’t blindly follow in the name of faith

read The Bible and Quran, the details

faith is glorious, but not without debate

don’t just conform to your preachers notions

find faith on your own,  decide your devotion

© By PollutedPoet


Our World, Our Hate

A small amount of hate lies inside us all.
This hate can dwell, consume and divide us all.
You may not show it, hate is not always something you share.
Discomfort, judgement, pride and prejudice are all because of fear.
Please, Stop passing this fear to our children. Hate can only be taught.
It was passed down from generations of neighbors that have fought.
Hate has seperated us, slaughtered us and enslaved us.
We hate for of our god, because Satan has craved us.
Hate breeds, plagues, lingers and remains.
Hate is only passed on, so we must make a change.
Change isn’t just gonna come, we have to make it happen.
Break this murderous cycle and put down our weapon.
It’s a tremendous challenge to stop all the wars caused by hate,
but we can make a change, we do choose our world’s fate.
Teach our children that we are all different, special and unique.
Take notice of our judgements and watch how we speak.
Embrace our cultures, our foods and our arts.
Open our minds, taste the fruits of our world and open our hearts.
If we could understand our differences and agree to disagree.
Imagine how much better OUR world would be.


Carina Fosse

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