Bind me with your presence
You can’t haunt me anymore

Torture me until it’s real
you don’t scare me anymore

Kill me if you dare
there is a reason your still here
haunting me with guilty fear
I can’t take it anymore

Finish what you did to me
Bind, Torture and Kill me
I want to be damned with you;
for all eternity…

© By PollutedPoet On 12/16/2009 7:28:59 AM



  1. I like that last line “I want to be damned with you/for all eternity.” incredible passion.

  2. Wow! “passon” to say the least. Strong stuff here …

  3. powerful message…
    well done!


    two awards for you,
    have a smiling day!

  5. Another outpouring of the soul. Terrific.

  6. Way to face up to it…and embrace it. You can’t be hurt by it if it doesn’t scare you any more and it would be no fun to BTK if he couldn’t scare his victim. You are a very sharp individual!


    award notice,

    come to the Rally if you can, let me know after you are done.

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